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I need to learn some ksh details, but i don't want to change from bash to ksh permanently.

What should i do?

Is it possible to change shell only for a specific console session?

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If you don't already have ksh installed, enter sudo apt-get install ksh in the terminal. After installation you can enter a ksh session by entering ksh in the terminal. When you are finished with ksh just type exit.

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After installing ksh, you can also use the command exec ksh to replace your existing shell. Then, when you exit ksh that console is closed.

Not as important now, but used to be terribly important when we had 150 users all sharing the same limited machine.

exec ksh at the end of your .bashrc should do it -- but then it would affect every every interactive shell.

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sudo apt-get install ksh then start ksh simply by typing ksh in a terminal window. Exit when you are done to return to your default shell.

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