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What I want to know below is where to bug report the poor series of questions I'm being asked...

Every time I reboot (at least), I get a crash dialog ("Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error"). Clicking on show details shows the problem is with smbd, but the rest of the trace does not appear. When I wish to continue to send a bug report, I am told I will be asked a series of questions in a window titled "Apport". The first question asks:

How would you best describe your setup? -I am running a Windows File Server -I am connecting to a Windows File Server.

Since I am doing both, I have no idea which to choose. In any case, selecting one leads to the next question:

Did this used to work properly with a previous release? -No -Yes

But I never tried to use Samba in a previous release, so I can't seriously answer this.

After picking an option here, I get more questions in a similar vein. Surely there should be "I don't know/I haven't tried" options, even if they simply mean you can't submit a useful bug report.

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