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I recently took a step into Linux on my Lenovo Idea pad U410; after a couple hours I managed to get it installed with the drivers. However now I no longer have the ability to access the BIOS. I tried the usual FN+F2, F2,F1,Del,Tab,F12,F11; all to no avail. I was wondering is there something different to be done running Ubuntu? I know that the BIOS would generally not be affected by the OS.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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The default option for the U410 to enter the BIOS is Fn+F2 if it is in hotkey mode. If it is in legacy mode you need to use F2. Ubuntu should not change this at all. Have you tried doing a cold boot and hitting Fn+F2 or F2?

Note: You need to do this very early. If you see the Lenovo text logo, it's probably too late. Your best bet is to probably force restart (with OS) and, holding down Fn, keep tapping the F2 key.

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Yes i tried a cold boot and both Fn+F2, and F2 however it does nothing and just boots the OS – Michael Oct 17 '12 at 15:28

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