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I'm looking for a .swf player that would reload an already opened file if its content changed. Alternatively one that would work in one-instance only way so when I call it again with a new file I would have the desired effect. As in :

gnash first_file.swf
gnash new_file.swf

ending up with only one window.

I have an overly complicated solution ready with a bash script checking the file size changes, killing old instance and reinitializng the program but I'm curious whether there is a more elegant solution.

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Asked and answered on Stack Overflow – Marco Ceppi Oct 18 '12 at 19:50

My solution is

sudo apt-get install incron
echo "my_username" | sudo tee -a /etc/incron.allow # allow my_username to run incron
incrontab -e

add the following to incrontab:

/home/my_username/path/myfile.swf IN_MODIFY /home/my_username/path/

and the contains

killall gtk-gnash
gtk-gnash /home/my_username/path/myfile.swf

Does the job, I hope this helps someone in at least indirect way. Incron is a very powerful tool.

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