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I am installing swift object-server on ubuntu 12.04 machine and getting some problems.

I've got following error when installing swift: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/swift/object.ring.gz'

I am not getting how to create/decide ZONE, DEVICE and use it in following command:

    swift-ring-builder account.builder add z<ZONE>-<STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP>:6002/<DEVICE>    100
    swift-ring-builder container.builder add z<ZONE>-  <STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP_1>:6001/<DEVICE> 100
    swift-ring-builder object.builder add z<ZONE>-<STORAGE_LOCAL_NET_IP_1>:6000/<DEVICE> 100

I tried with DEVICE as /dev/sda1 (This is primary partition on my m/c, I have another extended partition /dev/sda2 on m/c but don't know how to decide a device), and ZONE as 1(Even I don't know how to decide a zone).

Please refer to the this link: Openstack-Swift Installation & Configuration Ubuntu 12.04

Can anybody help me out to decide DEVICE and ZONE? I think that these must be the only incorrect things I am using so rings are not getting generated.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I am assuming you are using latest Swift release (havana) from cloud archive

Also see

# fdisk /dev/sdb
# mkfs.xfs /dev/sdb1
# echo "/dev/sdb1 /srv/node/sdb1 xfs noatime,nodiratime,nobarrier,logbufs=8 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
# mkdir -p /srv/node/sdb1
# mount /srv/node/sdb1
# chown -R swift:swift /srv/node

Are you having similar partition?

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