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I have an Ubuntu Server 12.04 connected to internet via adsl router with cable eth0.

The Ubuntu Server has the static ip

The adsl router (as DNS) has the ip which I set as gateway in /etc/network/interfaces.

I want another Ubuntu (laptop), with ip with wlan0 to connect to internet through the Ubuntu Server and not through the adsl router (which is easy).

How can I do this?

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If I understand correctly, you want to use the server as a router. This is kinda complex, but not impossible. depends on how dedicated you are. in order for this to work, your server will need a second network card. bridge eth0 to eth1:

you will need then a WAP (wireless access point),

configure your wap with setting from your router, and use eth1 to plug it in. you now have a wap plugged into eth1, which is bridged to eth0.

there is much more that will be involved with configuring, but this is the basic model.

good luck!

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