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I recently started using ubuntu as my main OS, but I am sort of addicted to ms office so I installed PlayOnLinux to be able to use it. I also use Ubuntu one cloud service to make back up of certain files like my assignments and other personal files. but recently I started observing some strange lnk.desktop files showing on my desktop. they appear when ever I open MS word to type my projects. They point to a folder in the /home/z3r0n/.wine/drive_c/windows/command/start.exe folder. I copied the file that they point to and uploaded it to an online virus scanner which identified the file as a cloud malware.


3f886e0ea4eb35074c4d3341e8383273b6f245823bc1ea934f47561199206040 sha256
9620af530f0400fafcf6e0b35427d9e60b71f394 sha1
fe66b5254d369c6dffe4e8055f926578 md5

I want to know if any of you guys have experienced something similar. I made a clean install and I am now using LibreOffice instead. I am trying to stay away from UbuntuOne Cloud and installing PlayOnLinux until I find I a valid lead.

any pointers will be appreciated

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It is definitely not related to Ubuntu One. It sounds like you managed to install some malware along with Word.

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ok... I made a mistake by deleting the binary. I should have kept it... any way based on your suggestion, I think I know where to look – Ismail Yushaw Oct 16 '12 at 18:53

here you have a copy, I found it few minutes ago and asked my self why word is installing:

and here you have a virustotal raport:

if You have any questions feel free to ask

cheers o/

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I want to see a disassembled code I learnt it connects to a dns:port or something similar – Ismail Yushaw Oct 18 '12 at 21:56

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