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I'm newbie with ubuntu, I tried to install ubuntu, at the beginning xubuntu work for the first upgrade to xubuntu 12.04, but after the reboot, no winxp media center ether Xubuntu won't start and I have a screen Ctrl+Alt+Del nothing else. I read a little about, maybe the sata enabled on the bios. What is the problem and can it be fixed or do I have to remove xubuntu.

Partition is :

  • 100gb xubuntu
  • 220gb winxp
  • I have an external drive 1 tb

Thanks for the help.

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can you press ctrl+alt+f2 (after login) and write this . sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop cream after sudo cream /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and change all codes to it

greeter-show-manual-login = true
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