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Running Ubuntu 10.04, I have been using an external monitor in addition to the internal monitor on my Asus EEE PC 1005HA. The issue that I am experiencing is that the screen positions reset to a default every time I restart my system.

If I leave the VGA cable attached to my laptop, when I restart my system, the screen setup is:

Monitors share screen, laptop occupies top-left corner of the larger external monitor

If instead, I leave the cable unplugged, and do not attach it until my system has started, it will recognize the second monitor, but they are immediately arranged as seen here:

Monitors side-by-side, top-right corner of laptop and top-left corner of external monitor identified

Ideally, I would like define the following setup as the default:

Monitors side-by-side, bottom=right corner of laptop and bottom-left corner of external monitor identified

I know that I can change this setup each time by accessing the System -> Preferences -> Monitors, but is there a way to define defaults for each time the system restarts or each time a new monitor is detected?

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