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i have set visibility of main dock to hide, so whenever i move the move to bottom of screen, dock appears with expand animation.

how to make dock just appear with any animation like docky or awn?

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In Cairo 2.2.1,

Settings -> Visibility of the main dock -> Effect used to hide the dock to Fade out

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+1 glad you found your solution :) – Takkat Jan 7 '11 at 7:29

You can easily configure Cairo Dock by right click on the dock and choosing 'Configure'.

From this tutorial you can learn what setting are available. The dock can have several modes of appearance listed under the settings for "Visibility". There you can e.g. choose a static or a panel mode or define how the dock interacts with opened windows. You best try out the several modes to see what meets your needs.

From the icon settings for Animations and Effects a zoom factor of 1.00 also stops sideway expanding animation of the dock.

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In Cairo 2.2.1,I'm unable to find 'Animation and Effects' rather 'Icons Animation and Effects' is available but that's used for icon's animation settings. – Riyaz Mohammed Ibrahim Jan 7 '11 at 5:02

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