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I have 12.04, the initial user account name is google, then I changed the user name from google to linux. I move /home/google to /home/linuxand update the /etc/passwd file.

But now, when I click the shortcut in unity, say, the Downloads, then give me no such /home/google/Downloads directory since already renamed to /home/linux/Downloads

I can create the /home/google as symbol link to /home/linux, it's working, but I do want to change the directory/path the Downloads shortcut point to.

So, do you know how to change the property of the shortcut?

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Which shortcut are you talking about ? When you right-click on the nautilus icon in the dashboard ? And what's your version of Ubuntu ? – NorTicUs Oct 15 '12 at 11:54
Have you really updated your /etc/passwd file, such that it contains the new /home/linux/ location as well? Did you log out and in after the operation? – January Oct 15 '12 at 11:57

If you're talking about the quicklists of Unity launcher, you should take a look at How can I configure Unity? and search for "quicklists".

You will have all the informations you need to edit the quicklist of nautilus, so you can change the target of the "Downloads" shortcut.

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