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I have question how to scaling mysql service because I make deployment from here:

And I have wordpress and mysql related but is there possible to scale only mysql? When I add-unit mysql I recieve another mysql database instead.

And is there possible to write charm where nodes will be share performance? I have server based app(making some calcutaions and recievieng data and send data to clients) in java. Is there possible to scale up this application and make it faster(I mean manage more clients)?

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The mysql charm supports replication. It's a little non-intuitive in that you're not really adding units to the primary service... you're adding slaves. Here's one way to do that:

juju deploy mysql masterdb
juju deploy mysql slavedb -n3
juju add-relation masterdb:master slavedb:slave

and then relate it to services like mediawiki that supports mysql read-only replicas:

juju deploy mediawiki -n8
juju add-relation masterdb:db mediawiki:db
juju add-relation slavedb:db mediawiki:slave

The charm doesn't currently support any master-master replication... please help add in that functionality!

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But it's maiking only copy I presume, yes? Is there any charm that I can test if more nodes are better than one?(I mean performance) – user84471 Oct 16 '12 at 7:29

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