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I want to share document in remote computer.

Through which software can be supposed same like putty in UBUNTU 11.10?

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@Dhaiwat budh--Please Clarify your question – user61928 Oct 15 '12 at 10:19
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putty itself is based on SSH, which should be installed on your 11.10. At a shell type:

ssh username@hostname

The machine you're connecting to will need to have an SSH server running. You can set one up quite simply using the following code:

apt-get install openssh-server

To transfer files to and from a machine, you can use SFTP (implemented as psftp in the putty suite) or FTP, but both SSH and SFTP/FTP operate more on a client-server model (one machine serving, many connecting)

As maythux points out, if you are looking for a file sharing solution (many serving, many connecting), have a look at SAMBA, NFS or the Nautilus sharing option.

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I think you are asking For file sharing sofwtare and its probably SAMBA what you need.

check their site

see this also its about different sharing techniques in Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu 12.04 Sharing option (nautilus sharing) is founded by default just a right click on the file/folder you want to share

From the other pc:

1- if windows host open Run and type the iddress of the remote pc containing the shared directory

2- if ubuntu host from the global menu file --> connect to server --> type the remote ip --> choose Windows share --> then connect

See this and this tutorials if you want more explanation

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