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I faced with a problem after update,

I missed 2 buttons from above panel, System menu (including shutdown, suspend & …) and User (including log out & …) how can I restore them !?...

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Can you upload a snap of the same ? – Vihaan Verma Jun 24 '13 at 19:52
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Ensure indicator-session is installed:

Install via the software center

or with

sudo apt-get install indicator-session

And then log out and back in again.

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Thanx alot Mr.Castro :) It solved! – h.shaterian Oct 16 '12 at 15:39

You can use these commands to restore the defaults of your panel.

gconftool-2 --shutdown
rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel
pkill gnome-panel
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Assuming you are on Xubuntu or using Xfce as desktop manager, there is no need to install indicator-session -- it will bring lots of extra packages to your desktop.

Instead add the Xfce plugin to the panel:

  • right-click on the panel, then select Panel > Panel Preferences...
  • select Items tab
  • click on the [+] icon button
  • look for "Action Buttons" and select it, then click Add button
  • click Close button to finish

When you add "Action Buttons" to the panel, your username will immediately appear on the panel. Click on your username to see the actions (Lock Screen, Switch User, Suspend, Shut Down, Log Out...), which are available in the drop-down menu.

Works for me on Xubuntu 15.10 (fresh install).

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If you like command line you can achieve the same thing with some commands

  1. Hibernate : sudo pm-hibernate
  2. Shutdown : sudo poweroff
  3. Suspend : sudo pm-suspend.

You can always use the command line reverse search (CTRL + R) and feed it some chars to execute the commands faster.

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The easiest way to get back the shut down-button in a few seconds is this:

a right mouse click on the task bar at the bottom, 2 options will appear, >preferences<, and >about<. Choose >preferences<, then >applets<, then the red circled >shut down<-button - just scoll down a bit to find it -, and confirm. That's it! Next time you reboot the original button or buttons will all be there again, instead of the red one, which you can reinstall each time again whenever you should need it.

But don't confuse it with the green circled >logout<, or the also red circled >quit-logout applet<.

You may also install the nice wheather applet, or terminal-applet on the way!

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