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Is there a burner software that could use the Label Tag technology? Brasero and K3B don't seem to have that option.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04

DVD burner LiteON iHAS524

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There is unfortunately no Linux software available that supports Liteon's proprietary labeltag feature; the native Linux version of Nero has been discontinued. It was announced on the official site that:

As of March 27, 2012, Nero Linux 4 and the technical support for the product (and its family including Nero Linux 3) is no longer available.

However, this version of Nero in fact never supported the labeltag feature, as was revealed when a technical support question was raised on the official forums.

The labeltag feature is unlikely to ever be in any native application, as the official word is that the source code 'won't be published' and the specifications of the technology won't be able to be obtained.

Nero 8 comes with the Liteon burner, but very few cd burning applications will work properly under Wine, so unfortunately there is no real way of using labeltag under Ubuntu.

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Thanks for the thorough answer. Damn LiteOn for no going open source...:(. Same issue goes for Nero (one of the most complete disk burners available) I just don't get it why a disk burning software has to cost money. It's such a basic operation. They should not wonder if a lot of pirated copies exist around the world. Thanks again for the answer. You got it right. – bioShark Nov 13 '12 at 9:24

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