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When I run Easystroke Gesture Recognition, nothing happens!

How can I access its configuration window so I can start using it?

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You have a few options:

Open it from the Dash again

If you open Easystroke Gesture Recognition while it's already running, it will show the configuration window instead of starting a duplicate instance.

Unity Dash icon for Easystroke Gesture Recognition

Define a gesture

Once you've gotten the configuration window open, you can create an action for easy access in the future. Set the type to Misc, and the details to Show/Hide.

Easystroke Gesture Recognition - Actions - Show/Hide Configuration

Use the command line

The following command will cause Easystroke to immediately open the configuration window:

easystroke --show-gui

Enable the tray icon

Easystroke uses an old, unsupported method for displaying its notification icon. As a workaround until Easystroke fixed, you can grant it an exception by adding easystroke to the system tray white list.

Tray icon for Easystroke Gesture Recognition in Unity on Ubuntu 12.10

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