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I a newbie Linux and have just installed Ubuntu in a dual boot with Windows 7. I love the interface of Ubuntu but unfortunately I can only get a 800x600 or 1024x728 resolution with black bars all around the screen. I have an nVidia GTX 570 graphics card and an Asus 1080p 23" monitor.

What may be of note is that I had to use the nomodeset command on installation of the boot would get stuck at a line with "nouveau", which I understand is to do with the drivers.

Additionally, when I type in xrandr to the terminal, it comes up with the error message "failed to get size of gamma for output default". I guess what I am looking for here is someone who could explain to me really simply the steps I have to take to get a full 1080p resolution, at which point I am sure i will become a great fan of the OS!

Thanks in advance,

Sam T.

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