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I have an HP Mini 110 series, and I see that anything that involves grahics or window management is getting very slow. I have the usual 1GB of RAM and the Atom N450 processor.

Is there any special driver I should find for the graphics processor?

Thanks :-)


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I have a similar device and I do the following:

  • Disable Session Applications:

    • GUI: System Menu -> Preferences -> Session Applications
    • CLI: gnome-session-properties
      • Disable things that you dont use or like, such as Visual Assistance, Remote Desktop, Verify New Drivers and so on.
  • Disable Session Graphics (like chris said)

    • GUI: System menu -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects -> Select 'None'
    • CLI: gnome-appearance-properties -> Visual Effects -> Select 'None'
  • Disable unused daemons (install application rcconf).

    • CLI: sudo apt-get instal rcconf
      • Run it: sudo rcconf and disable daemons by pressing "Space".
      • Some daemons to disable are: brltty, bluetooth
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You could try to disable compositing. This used for graphic effects but is not really required for most applications.

System menu> Preferences> Appearance--> Visual Effects--> Select 'None'

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