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My OS is Ubuntu 12.04. I searched on google hundreds of times and I couldn't find any solution for desktop recorder software. There is the Kazam unstable version, but shortcut keys didn't work. I need a stable desktop recorder with keyboard shortcuts. There are many options on windows for this. But on ubuntu, I couldn't find a desktop recorder with global keyboard shortcuts.

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I didnt know that recordmydesktop has shortkeys.

to pause recording, just push

control + mod1 + p (modal1 is generally left alt)

to stop recording

control + mod1 + s

that's all

you can check shortkeys for recordmydesktop here click

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From Ubuntu Software Center:

RecordMyDesktop http://recordmydesktop.sourceforge.net/about.php


Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder https://live.gnome.org/Istanbul

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oh noo... these have no shortcuts... please I need shortcuts to pause when I record –  Oğuz Can Sertel Oct 14 '12 at 18:25

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