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I recently did a fresh install of Ubuntu 12.04.

I then used apt-get install to install Gimp and F-spot.

When I import an image in f-spot then right click to get the "open with application" menu, no applications are listed.

Gimp is, apparently, registered with the desktop environment to open both .jpg and.JPG files.

Research shows that F-spot, though, seems to support various "open with application" options only if the file is named ".jpg" (lower case) and not ".JPG" (upper case).

I need to figure out how to either

1) have f-spot import files from my camera and give them lower case .jpg file extensions


2) tell Gnome / f-spot / Ubuntu / whatever that .JPG files should be handled the same as .jpg files

Can anyone tell me how to do one of these two things?

Many thanks!

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