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I am trying to install the eclipse-platform package in a new Ubuntu 10.10 and I am getting the following error (via the Ubuntu software center):

Failed to fetch
404  Not Found

Browsing to the mentioned URL, I can obviously verify that the .deb file in question is missing.

Is the package broken, or is it just the NZ mirror?

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A nice discussion between Raphael B. and Stefano Palazzo as to which method is recommended. However, neither says by whom. I, however, will give my recommendation, with no intention of being the generally correct answer for everybody.

I have always installed my own private version of Eclipse for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s ridiculously simple.
  2. The packaged version will always lag behind a bit, and I want the cutting edge. I also have to align with other people in my shop.
  3. It allows me to have several Eclipse installations side-by-side, each with a different set of plugins, since it often is a bad idea to include every plugin under the sun (oh, an unintended pun) into one Eclipse.
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It's just the mirror. The German mirror is fine:

But, it's not recommended to use the packaged version. Continue reading and download Eclipse and unzip it in your preferred directory -- it's really simple by this howto.

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It's probably just the mirror, as I have it installed (and up to date) on my machine. Although I would recommend just getting the package from the eclipse website itself: . It comes with the latest version that isn't in the repos.

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