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I have done everystep as it was written on ubuntu 12.04 maas, but now i am stuck here for over a month and could not find how to solve it .. Please help ..

When i do juju status it says :

cloudc@cloud:/$ juju status

2012-10-14 06:02:24,357 INFO Connecting to environment...

2012-10-14 06:02:41,961 INFO Connected to environment.



agent-state: not-started

dns-name: Node3

instance-id: /MAAS/api/1.0/nodes/node-d62ea8b4-0cc6-11e2-8d8d-000c29433e91/

instance-state: unknown

1: instance-id: pending 2: instance-id: pending



charm: cs:precise/mysql-8
exposed: true
relations: {}
    agent-state: pending
    machine: 1
    open-ports: []
    public-address: null


charm: cs:~robert-ayres/precise/tomcat-3
exposed: true
  - tomcat
    agent-state: pending
    machine: 2
    open-ports: []
    public-address: null

2012-10-14 06:02:45,675 INFO 'status' command finished successfully cloudc@cloud:/$

: Here public address null and present state pending .. I also have done juju destroy-environment,disable firewall by ufw disable and also repeat all the steps but still no change in status .. Help please. what i have to do ? And how to solve this problem ...

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