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I'm experimenting with using both VMware Player and Virtualbox to run an Ubuntu VM in Win7.

I have the VB install of Maverick working fine, with only a few quirks such as slow response in Firefox scrolling and the occasional freeze. However, making backup copies of a VB machine for storage is really a pain, and so I would like to see how Player works in the same situation.

I created a new VM with 2GB RAM & 30GB hard drive space. The install went smoothly, but every time I start the VM, no GUI ever appears and I have no mouse control.

It takes me to a screen with this text:

Ubuntu Easy Install:
VMware Player is installing VMware Tools.. please wait

I then get a login prompt and it goes to a standard CLI interface. At this point, I have no mouse control at all. The CPU and memory gauge that I have as a Win7 screenlet shows no changes and minimal HDD activity.

The VMWare site says to install the Tools from a tarball, going to VM>Install VMware Tools, but I can't do that with no mouse control.

Any solutions?

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press ctrl+alt+F7 see if your GUI is in a different virtual console.

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