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I installed KeyTouch, but it decided that the delete key should be the KeyTouch hot key. So, when I pressed deleted, KeyTouch came up. Next I uninstalled KeyTouch and now the delete key doesn't do anything.

Is there any way to remap the delete key to actually delete?


  • I tried reinstalling KeyTouch, and the same thing happens.
  • KeyTouch does not allow the user to map the delete key.


  • xev shows keycode 119 when I press the delete key
  • xmodmap shows keycode 119 mapped to Delete NoSymbol Delete
  • running xmodmap -e "keycode 119 = Delete" from the command line does not resolve the issue


  • The delete key passes through correctly when using rdesktop.
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Turns out uninstalling KeyTouch and restarting fixed it.

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