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I added some files into my Ubuntu One/My Files folder on my desktop machine. I can see them in the U1 web ui. My laptop is connected to the same U1 account, and in the Ubuntu One preference pane I can see it's connected to the account.

However, my new files never download.

In syncdaemon.log I can see it checking a bunch of other existing files, and then the file ends with many repetitions of

2011-01-04 11:05:42,277 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.Main - NOTE - ---- MARK (state: <State: 'READY'  (queues WORKING_ON_METADATA  connection 'Not User With Network')>; queues: metadata: 1; content: 0; hash: 0, fsm-cache: hit=5086 miss=69) ----

I do have a working network connection.

What do I do now?

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For some reason your syncdaemon isn't connecting. Please file a bug with details as to versions, etc.; in the meanwhile, you can connect manually entering u1sdtool -c in a terminal.

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Thanks, that got it going, and I filed – poolie Jan 4 '11 at 7:50

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