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I've already search for similar problems but they are so different from mine.

these are the drivers http://db.tt/qFZlD5JD

I'm having problem with this Additional Drivers once I click the Activate button it will start in downloading and installing but after that it will say Installation failed.

Then the "Enable Wireless" will not be available.

With the Software Modem issue is the same problem with the Broadcom. These drivers are working on Ubuntu 9 and 11 if I'm not mistaken. Only on 12.04 is not working.

One more thing these drivers will enable the Huawei E165g E220. I've already tried other solution for the Huawei to activate but all didn't work. After a restart Enable wireless becomes okay, though. To all Ubuntu experts and masters please I'm begging for help.

A million Thank You!.

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Does the Installation Failed error gives any other information? –  Addison Montgomery Oct 12 '12 at 14:55
Nope. I am already connected to the internet using Sakis3g but the network mangaer icon still shows not conneceted, though. And having probblem with gwibber it does not notice that I'm already connected. Is it because my internet is runned by another application and not the network manager? –  gabiro Oct 13 '12 at 3:00
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