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I am using kubuntu 12.04 Precise 64 on my notebook. Almost everything works fine.

I would like to modify the colors of the icon(s) used by knetworkmanager to indicate wifi online.

Right now, I am using the (default?) Oxygen theme. What I want is to make the online icons some color other than gray - probably black, so the contrast is greater and they're easier for me to see (I use reading glasses.)

I found an old article on how to do this, but when I added the icons it mentioned, they were ignored.

Where are these icons stored?

Can I just edit them with something like gimp to change the colors, etc.?


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Tweaking plasma

The Plasma Icons



You need a svg /1/ capable image editor (Inkscape, Karbon).

enter image description here

The default plasma icons are: /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/

For a user: ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/...

A net article


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Thanks. That's a lot to look at. I'll get back when I have digested some of it. – Joe Oct 13 '12 at 20:04

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