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GNOME Terminal in Ubuntu 12.04 has an IMO weird mouse scroll behavior: A single mouse wheel motion scrolls ceiling($LINES / 10) lines, rather than a set number. That is, if the terminal window is between 31 and 40 lines, it will scroll four lines at a time. If it's 100 lines, it will scroll 10 lines at a time. How can I force it to work like other applications, scrolling N lines regardless of the window height?

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Can't you do it from Edit > Profiles > click on Default > Edit > scrolling ?

enter image description here

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I'm pretty sure I know what all those options mean, and I can't see how any of them are relevant for this question. If any of them are, can you please point out which one? –  l0b0 Oct 11 '12 at 14:39

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