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I was evaluating RabbitVCS as replacement of RapidSVN to connect to my SVN repository on Ubuntu server.

This what I did on my 12.04

  1. Opened the Ubuntu software centre
  2. Searched for RabbitVCS-Core and RabbitVCS-nautilus. They were listed.
  3. Installed both of them and they are successfull installed.


  1. I used the dash home to see if I can find these programs.

  2. Opened Home folder and right clicked on certain folders which was checked out using Rapid SVN. I could not find any options to use RabbitVCS in nautilus from here.

  3. I restarted my machine and repeated both process again.

So How can I use RabbitVCS?

Am I seeing everything as it is expected or some thing weird?

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There is a conflict between RabbitVCS and Ubuntu One on Ubuntu 12.04 and RabbitVCS 15.2.

What finally worked for me after having had to live without RabbitVCS for months is the following:

  1. Go to your Ubuntu One preferences in System Settings
  2. Under "Settings" uncheck all "File Sync Setting"
  3. Reboot (perhaps also just logout/in but I rebooted)

And now your RabbitVCS should work as advertised.

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Follow this link and Please do let me know if it works !!

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