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Hi I was testing Ubuntu (Wubi version) because I want to switch from using Windows. Yesterday I decided that I start using one partition for a complete Ubuntu OS and later get rid of Windows. For good if anything goes well.

But I was using 11.10 and the current version is 12.04 LTS so for a quick test I again installed first a Wubi of the 12.04. But it's terrible. No Gnome shell as option for environment, only unity. Installing gnome doesn't work through software center(dependencies problems) and even if I managed to get gnome on that then I had problem installing extensions with the same dependencies crap.

I want a nice working environment not unity, I just hate it how it looks. on 11.10 gnome is there by default and everything works as it should. And there's another even bigger issue with it. I can't use nvidia(recommended) drivers. Or I won't be able to log out without freezing my computer with funky coloured text about some crash or so.

I read here that's a nvidia kernel restart issue(something like that) which can be solved making the driver running permanently with some terminal command(can't remember it precisely) however that command gave me an error that it cannot do that because of some previous failures/errors(something like that) and I remember the 11.10 had the log out freeze problem but only if i used drivers other than the "recommended" otherwise it was good. And the problem is that this all happened on a fresh(even though wubi) install, and I did it twice since first time I thought i screwed it trying to install gnome before nvidia drivers, but no.. it just doesn't work as I expected and I don't want Ubuntu without gnome and crashing instead of logging out.

I'm a noob at these Linux stuff and can't solve this on my own and solutions I googled simply didn't fix dependencies problems nor the log out/driver issue. Somewhere I read also that getting updates might fix this, not sure would try but since i'm doing this on Wubi I don't know if it's safe. I was looking at the updates and there was some grub2 things.

Can I update it or will it break my grub settings?

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Posted my answer. In the future please try to make your questions legible. Perhaps with actual paragraphs. It make it much easier to people to read and understand your questions. –  Githlar Oct 11 '12 at 6:22
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To get Gnome environment back:

  1. Open Software Center
  2. Edit -> Software Sources...
  3. Make sure "Community maintained free and open-source software (universe)" is checked
  4. Let the software sources update if they need on upon closing the dialog
  5. Search Software Center for gnome-session-fallbackInstall gnome-session-fallback for the classic Gnome desktop
  6. If you want the full-blown Gnome Shell, install the gnome-shellInstall gnome-shell package.
  7. Now, upon login you can click the Ubuntu logo next to your name to change you desktop environment.

To get updated Nvidia drivers:

  1. Go to Nvidia.com
  2. Go to Drivers and download the drivers for you specific video card.
  3. Make sure yous save any open work. The following command will terminate the X server (including the Firefox you're probably viewing this on, so write down the following commands)
  4. Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get VT1
  5. Login and run these commands: sudo stop lightdm
  6. cd ~/Downloads
  7. sudo ./NVIDIA*.run (NVIDIA has updated their drivers to use DKMS so that you don't have to re-compile the drivers for every kernel update)
  8. Restart

Updating GRUB will not affect your boot in a Wubi install. In a Wubi install GRUB is not your bootloader. It still uses the Windows bootloader to select Ubuntu or Windows.

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Alright so first thank you. I marked as useful cause it was. However the driver issue is still there. I installed downloaded driver and still freezes and shut's down monitor after log out. I installed post release driver and it killed lightdm so no interface at all, again installed driver from VT1 the downloaded one so I got back lightdm but can't log out still.. why is this happening? –  Laci Oct 11 '12 at 8:46
I've had similar issues with my ATI card, but it was only at shutdown (kernel panic would display and it wouldn't shut down properly). However my problem didn't really interfere with my productivity like yours does. My problem was later fixed with an updated driver. Since you downloaded the driver from Nivida.com, it should be the latest. What model of video card do you have? –  Githlar Oct 11 '12 at 9:25
440GT I had this problem in oneiric with postrelease driver. Solved it though with installing the recommended one. Here it's a bit more tricky for me cause the recommended and postrelease and even latest downloaded from nvidia won't work. The nvidia kernel fails to restart so it just hangs and crashes. I have no idea how to avoid it. –  Laci Oct 11 '12 at 9:34
Okay I solved it. Did a fresh reinstall of the 12.04 did the gnome fallback and shell to get the gnome and for the driver i installed the recommended one and put it to persistent mode. Also added the command to put into persistent mode, to the rc.local so it does it automaticaly. Now the kernel no longer "falls of the bus" when loging out since driver doesn't restart. –  Laci Oct 11 '12 at 11:36
Could you explain how you made it "persistent" for anybody that comes across this later? –  Githlar Oct 11 '12 at 20:05
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