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I use Empathy and I have a problem with notifications for non read messages.

Is there any way to show amount of missed messages at left panel icon, like Thunderbird, SkypeWrapper, .... and other applications.

Empathy is a default massager in Ubuntu :) ,.... I did not find any related settings in Empathy preferences.

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I found workaround that ease the problem - is to show it in top panel as indicator, for this you need to install "sudo apt-get install dconf-tools" launch it as "dconf-editor" and add ",'empathy'" to "desktop.unity.panel.systray-whitelist". Do logout and login. Icon will blink on top for new/unread messages. – Roman Ivanov Oct 23 '12 at 17:22

You can use Unity Mail for notifications in a launcher. You can set it to open Empathy when you click it. And Empathy had a notifications plugin, which I haven't used and don't knowhow to install/enable it.

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There is also an option to do that for Ubuntu 13.10: you have to do some additional magic to let systray-whitelist to appear in dconf-editor )

See here

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