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I have done just as in the tutorials but is simply not working:

server {
    location /abc {
        autoindex on;
        root          /home/user/abc/;

It gives me 403 Forbidden, what I'm doing wrong? thanks; I've tried to use a "/" at the end, and also without but no changes.

When I go to myip/abc I hope to see some directory list but no. Even if I try to go to myip/abc/myfile.txt it doesnt work.

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The problem is that by using the root instead of alias it will look in the wrong path. Also in the http the user was www-something and has had no permissions, thanks ubuntu, so now I had to change to my name and it worked:

  • Alias instead of root for the right path
  • Define the right user that has permissions to the folder you want
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