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When scanning an EAN-8 barcode containing the 8 digits 00032605 ubuntu incorrectly returns 0003265 while windows correctly return 00032605. The last digit 5 is a check-digit.

Are there any configuration I should know about? Please help!

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Unlikely as it seems, I've experienced this exact problem and found a solution that works for me.

Page 22, language support - change it from default USA to UK.

Hope it helps!

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I have exact the same model. I almost threw the scanner away because of this problem. After years, I finally found the solution. It's right on the their website:

How do I correct the problem where data is outputted incorrectly only when the scanner is connected via USB port?

When the scanner is able to read the barcode the problem may be caused by the incorrect host interpretation of the USB protocol. Please use the following barcodes to adjust the USB speeds.

.USB0: Regular speed mode. Usually for older operating systems like Windows 98 when default setting is not working.

.USB1: Full speed mode. The default speed of the scanner.

.USB2: Middle speed mode. Usually for Mac O.S. or Linux O.S when default setting is not working. enter image description here

I set the scanner to use USB2 mode, and it worked fine. (Damn! They should have put it the document.)

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