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When I install Ubuntu 12.04, I'll be presented with three options:

  1. install Ubuntu alongside Windows,
  2. replace Windows with Ubuntu and
  3. something else.

If I choose 'replace Windows', then I cannot make a swap space. So what then? I've 1GB RAM.

  • Will only my C drive get replaced or what will happen?
  • If only C drive is affected, then will data on the other 2 drives get saved?
  • If yes, how can I access it (on which drive of Ubuntu) after installing Ubuntu?
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If you choose to 'replace windows` that means the following:

  1. Swap will be created automatically with space equal double your RAM size which means you'll have a 2 GB swap space.
  2. It will replace the whole disk not only the C partition so you have to take backup of your data before if you want to keep it.
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You can always use the manual partitioner(something else) and tune the selections to your preferences. Make sure, however, that on your Linux partition, you set the mount point to /.

You can click Edit on your Windows partition and decrease its size by half. It is shown in MB. Then, make a swap partition with 2000 to 4000 MB, and mark Use As as Swap. Then, make a new partition with the maximum available size and Use As=Ext4. Mark the box to format it and make sure the Mount Point is set to /.

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To add to what @ObsessiveSSOℲ said, here is a video tutorial explaining the process. You can even view it from the live session. :) – Yekhezkel Yovel Oct 10 '12 at 10:36
Thanks for the video and for the info. – Ramandeep Oct 10 '12 at 15:02

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