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I've got a Minecraft version for Windows, which runs with an .exe file. I've tried to make it run with java directly and it didn't an Ubuntu message appears "Fatal: Read Error: Could not read or parse the JNLP file" (Show more details), when I tried with Wine, a Wine message appears "No JVM could be found on your system. Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JRE or download a JRE from www.java.com Is there a way I can make it run? It's all because I cannot make the mods work on my Minecraft's Linux version Thanks.

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It should be possible to install a windows version of Java in wine, not sure if winetricks supplies it. This is according to an answer here which further refers to winehq - java

You can try this and see if it fixes your issue

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