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Is there a way to keep the original file date when downloading from server with nautilus ftp? Like it is now, the file has as date / time the downloaded date / time and not the one in the server?

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thank you both for your workaround – bob Oct 9 '12 at 16:09
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As a workaround, wget does that by default. From the manpage(manual page):

       Turn on time-stamping.

       Don't set the local file's timestamp by the one on the server.

       By default, when a file is downloaded, it's timestamps are set to
       match those from the remote file. This allows the use of
       --timestamping on subsequent invocations of wget. However, it is
       sometimes useful to base the local file's timestamp on when it was
       actually downloaded; for that purpose, the
       --no-use-server-timestamps option has been provided.

For nautilus, you may want to submit a bug report (feature request):

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if you are likely to do from terminal , cp command can help you with -p option .

same as --preserve=mode,ownership,timestamps

preserve the specified attributes (default: mode,ownership,timestamps), if possible additional attributes: context, links, all
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