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I'm using a dual boot system with wubi so I have a swap file on /host/ubuntu/disks/swap.disk

But I have also found Windows' own swap file and hibernate file are fine swap files, except they need to have mkswap rerun on them when Windows has used them.

So I added them to fstab with noauto and made simple commands to sudo to run mkswap and swapon. These simple commands refer to the full pathnames.

When I reboot straight back to Ubuntu is there a way to get swapon to start swapping even those swap files in fstab with noauto?

(Of course my best scenario is to completely automate this in both situations.)

NB I've added the existing tag because I can't create the new tag .

Update: FYI I had removed noauto and just allowed the errors on boot after running Windows, but I've put it back because the boot process waits for these very large swap spaces to be fully prepared before continuing. I'd prefer them to be processed in parallel in the background, which is what my simple commands do.

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