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I have never used a Linux system in an AD environment before and am trying to join my laptop running Ubuntu to join our Active Directory (DC is a Windows Server 2008 machine) using Likewise-open.

  • Using the GUI wizard, I have joined the domain.
  • I can mount network shares using CIFS

My fstab entry looks like this:

//server/share  /mnt/foo    cifs    auto,iocharset=utf8,rw,credentials=/home/aron/.smbcredentials   0   0

I only have read access to our fileserver. What more is needed to get the AD to recognize me as a user who has the appropriate rights?

Any help is appreciated.

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I finally solved the problem.

It turned out, this would not work without a valid GID or UID parameter in fstab.

I added my UID to the fstab entry and I can now write the share perfectly.

This resource has helped me come to this conclusion.

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