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When I search in for "Erika Tipo 11" I get videos about the actual show.

When I do the same using the Dash video Lense I get anything else except the actual show. I mean I even get chinesse stuff, some yoga lessons and anything VERY out there that is not even remotely related to the show. Now my questions are:

  1. Does the video lense search in a similar way as searching in youtube/vimeo/any other video site?

  2. Is there an option apart from the Filter settings to configure the behavior of the search so it searches in a similar way as one would do when searching from the actual site.

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Video lens [..] only supports YouTube Shows, Movies and Educations, so most YouTube results won't show up in the default Ubuntu video lens.

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+1 Nice one. Now one more reason not to open the browser lol. – Luis Alvarado Oct 10 '12 at 13:22

Video lens only give results related to YouTube Shows, Movies and Education.That is the reason for this problem.

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