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I use winff (the GUI for ffmpeg) to convert audio/video to different formats. Yesterday I was trying to convert an flv video to 3gp (so that I could see it on my mobile phone), but it doesn't show the option to convert to 3gp. Are codecs missing in ffmpeg? Do I need to download such codecs from the repositories? Please, help.

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Are you able to run this ffmpeg -i infile.flv -s qcif -vcodec h263 -acodec libamr_nb -ac 1 -ar 8000 -r 25 -ab 12200 -y outfile.3gp and get the proper output? Do you get any error message when you use winff? – devav2 Oct 9 '12 at 1:20
Thanks for answering. When I run your code nothing happens, as shown. – williepabon Oct 9 '12 at 13:27
williepabon@williepabon-VGN-N130G:~$ ffmpeg -i /home/williepabon/Downloads/Platypus In Sheep's Clothing.flv -s qcif -vcodec h263 -acodec libamr_nb -ac 1 -ar 8000 -r 25 -ab 12200 -y /home/williepabon/Downloads/Platypus.3gp > Please note that ffmpeg (using the GUI, command mode is beyond my knowledge) works nice for other conversions I've made. – williepabon Oct 9 '12 at 13:36

Found a solution. Installed Mobile Media Converter which use ffmpeg and mencoder to do conversions. It also has a nice GUI. Thanks for the help.

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