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The open source driver worked well with the fresh installation of Ubuntu 12.04, but it drains my laptop battery faster. So I installed the proprietary driver from jockey-gtk. It gave me this error message at the end of the installation:

enter image description here

After restarting the computer, I lost all the compositing animations. Compiz visual effects don't work. There is a black boarder around Docky.

enter image description here

I tried:

sudo apt-get --purge remove fglrx*

...which cleaned up the proprietary driver so I could install it again, but the same issue occurred again.

fglrxinfo returns this:

X Error of failed request: BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)
Major opcode of failed request: 139 (ATIFGLEXTENSION)
Minor opcode of failed request: 66 ()
Serial number of failed request: 13
Current serial number in output stream: 13

Here is the jockey.log & the fglrx installation log

Please somebody help me...! Thanks!

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I've had similar problems, while installing the ATI driver through Jockey.

I suggest you go with a manual installation by following this excellent answer

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