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I recently installed Ubuntu on my new HP TouchSmart tm2, the installer worked fine, but upon first boot the screen would be completely black, though you can hear the login sounds and everything of the like, just the screen won't work.

Tried connecting the computer via HDMI to my TV screen, and that was to no avail as well, any solutions?

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What version of Ubuntu is it? Can you edit and add this? also - can you try the following: Boot up an ubuntu liveCD, then use that to investigate the installed ubuntu and get the output from tail | <your installed mount drive>/var/log/messages and the same for var\log\Xorg.0.log and add them to your question. – Danny Staple Jan 3 '11 at 1:02
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I assume by now the original poster solved this problem. But for anyone else running into this issue: try pressing the "brightness increase" button on the keyboard. On my tm2, Ubuntu (32-bit 11.04) sometimes resets the brightness to zero at login or after waking up from standby.

I had a black screen AND no sound & no keyboard response once or twice when I first installed 11.04. After restarting it is now stable. I tried a few things, not sure if grub-update or was what fixed it.

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