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I am trying dual booting Ubuntu 12.04.01 LTS with Windows 7. So I downloaded the ISO from the site, burned it on a DVD. Now when I run wubi.exe (as auto play) it says Pemission Denied. After googling it, I found that it is just a bug and that it is properly installed already.

Now I am trying to boot the laptop with the disc inside, its just starting to boot to Windows 7 again. Please help!

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Have you set your BIOS to boot from the CD? – hexafraction Oct 7 '12 at 17:25

To elaborate on the previous answer, you need to:

1: When your PC is booting, press the relevant "F key" to get you into your BIOS.

2: Navigate to the menu entitled "Boot"

3: Configure the settings in that menu to boot from the CD first.

4: Exit and Save Changes.

5: Your computer should reboot automatically, and boot from the CD.

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