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I'm using fish as shell. The internal help is based on html files and when I type help it opens w3m to view this help files. Since w3m is not my default browser I wonder where this configuration to start w3m for this is stored. I'd like to read the helpfiles with another browser. How can I setup another one for this purpose or perhaps where are the helpfiles located so I can open them manually in the browser.

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If you want to use, as an example, elinks to view the fish documentation, type

elinks /usr/share/doc/fish/index.html

You can also use firefox or google-chrome in the same way.

I found the location by looking at type help, which returned the function definition. In there, I found a reference to the variable $__fish_help_dir, which contains /usr/share/doc/fish (using echo $__fish_help_dir).

There's a discussion on their mailing list on the subject as well.

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thanks a lot. ok, then i guess, using w3m is fish specific in this case and it can't customized in the way that it automatically uses another browser when help is executed. is /usr/share/doc/ the preferred directory to find application documentation? – NES Jan 2 '11 at 17:18
Yes it is. See the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for more on that. – Stefano Palazzo Jan 2 '11 at 17:24

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