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Dear's I need to install Munin on my ubuntu 12.04 for testing purposes but this is my first munin installation and I have no idea how to get this done. I followed some tuts but the lack the flow and are very hard.

If someone out there had installed the munin please tell me how tho do this.

What are the things need to be installed. Is there Server Client configuration involved.

Please Mods dont delete this thread. Its important. It will be useful to anyone in future.

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Munin is available in the repositories and can be installed through software center.

The Munin-node daemon must be running on the computers that you want to monitor. Munin master is five other programs for gathering an displaying data depending on what you want. Type:

man munin

for more information on these master programs and information on how to get to the man pages for each.

If you're still at a loss you should probably use the Manin FAQ, wiki, and how-to pages first:

Munin - how to get help

Wikipedia information

Munin home page

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Thanks dear, I will follow these links and will accept the solution ,n will give u the update very soon – OmiPenguin Oct 7 '12 at 9:07

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