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How can I edit a PDF and also add my handwritten signature image which I have available as .gif, .jpg, or .xcf.

I tried flpsed which is good for annotating PDF files but it does not seem to allow the importing of my handwritten signature image. I also tried the Oracle PDF Extension for Open Office on my Libre Office. The intention was to export as a PDF once the document was finalized. It complains that I don't have the password to open the PDF. This is unexpected since flpsed and calibre do not ask for a password.

I also tried calibre to convert the PDF to RTF, for the purpose of editing or annotating the RTF with Open Office. The intention was to export as a PDF once done. Unfortunately, calibre did a very poor job of the conversion, leaving out the grid lines which are essential in many corporate or government forms.

Xournal was tried. It does not seem to have an "import image" type of feature. When I used the clipboard to paste an image, nothing happened. (Gimp's copy to clipboard was the source used in this attempt.)

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Master PDF Editor might work for you. It's free but requires you to sign up with Ubuntu Software Center. This is the insert menu:

enter image description here

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It looks like that application is no longer in the store – Trey Hunner May 6 '15 at 23:36

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