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I have signed up for Ubuntu One (U1) file storage account a few months ago. I am checking it from two computers but can not start the synchronization process.

On one of the computers I have about 2.2GB of files in "~/Ubuntu One" folder and it is always online. On the other computer I see no files in the "~/Ubuntu One" folder. Both show as "File Sync is up-to-date" in the U1 client. Disconnecting and connecting the client changes nothing. I thought a couple months would be enough to sync.

Both computers have the same login name, same email, and connect to the same U1 account. Both are Ubuntu 12.04. I can login to U1 interface from both U1 clients and see both computers by their names at the U1 web interface.

It is strange that the U1 client:

  • shows an empty box at the Devices / Other devices frame.
  • on one computer shows 45% used, the other shows 0%
  • on one computer greets me as "Hi Leo!", while the other says just "Hi !".

Any suggestions about how to start the file sync?

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Your description seems like you are actually using 2 different accounts. You need to contact Ubuntu One support at about your issue.

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