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I installed, today 10/05/12, for the first time. I've used Windows for several years. Well, it's not as user friendly as some people claim. I decided to give it a try but it's very upsetting that everything seems to be OK with my wireless connection, I'm connected, and I just can not connect to the internet. When I open Firefox I get the message "Server not found". Help please! I never had this problems with Windows.

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please post your ifconfig from ubuntu and ipconfig from windows – user91632 Oct 6 '12 at 8:58

You probably have to connect to the Internet via ethernet cable for the first time so you can get all of the updates.

Try that and download all of the updates necessary over a wired conection then you should be able to use wi-fi no problem.

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Internet should work out of box after installing Ubuntu (since OP confirmed he is connected to wireless connection) . He neednot download any updates. You may have to download updates/install drivers only when wireless is not working which is not the case! – mac Oct 6 '12 at 4:55

Try this command in terminal,

wget  ""

If it works fine, then there might be some wrong settings in Firefox Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Network->Settings and select No proxy (if you are not using proxy which is the general case)

If the command above is not working, then first try connecting through wired connection and check if internet is working fine or not

Additionally also check system settings -> Network -> Network proxy and see if you set any incorrect proxy.

Problem can be System settings (proxy)/Firefox settings (proxy)/ Wireless problem

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