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I don't know why but sound only comes out out my headphones and not my monitor speakers. It says it's working but it says the line-in is not connected. It also says I have a microphone connected, but I dont have a microphone. What do I do?

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Generally, and not always favourably - the computer is nearly always right. Take out all the audio connections and triple check the places they go, use a flash-light to see the symbols and colours corresponding to each component, and then get a family member or friend to check it again for you. Make sure that you have not forgotten any wires or connections. If that fails, please try going to 'Sound' via the settings and under 'Output', make sure your desired audio output is highlighted orange. If not, click it to highlight it. Test the speakers using 'Test Sound'. Please report the outcome :) –  Mochan Oct 6 '12 at 1:55

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