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I'm new to Linux. I've got XAMPP installed on Ubuntu 10.10 in /opt/lampp/.

I'd like to synchronise the files in /opt/lampp/htdocs/ with Ubuntu One (and I've bought 20gb in preparation), but there's no option to sync the folder.

Any ideas?

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In order for you to be able to synchronise the directory with Ubuntu One, you need to a) own the directory, and b) have it inside your home directory (or a sub-directory of your home directory):

  1. Just create a directory inside of your home directory, and name it, for example, public_http. Then change xampps default directory inside it's httpd.conf file.


  2. You can also remove the htdocs directory, create one named public_html in your home directory and use

    sudo ln -s ~/public_html /opt/lampp/htdocs

    To create a Symbolic Link named /opt/lampp/htdocs, that points to ~/public_html (note: it doesn't work the other way 'round, ubuntu one will not let you synchronise a directory if it is a symlink that points to a real directory).

    This means that whenever the system tries to look for a file inside the /opt/lampp/htdocs directory, it is secretly and silenty 'redirected' to your home directory.

Afterwards, you can tell Ubuntu One to synchronise the directory as you normally would:

alt text

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